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Original Article Pages 68-73

Patellar Tendon Reconstruction Utilizing Autograft Hamstring: A Docking Technique for the Sports Medicine Surgeon

Authors: Brian M Leo, MD and Michael K Krill, MD, ATC

Abstract: Patellar tendon ruptures are a relatively uncommon injury and account for roughly 3% of all injuries to the tendon ligament complex of the knee. Numerous techniques, grafts, augmentations and sutures utilized intraoperatively to repair the patellar tendon have been previously studied. Management of a failed primary repair or chronic patellar tendon tear can be challenging with high complication rates due to infection, wire breakage and tibial fracture with a high number of patients unable to return to pre-injury activity levels. These less than ideal long-term outcomes create uncertainty for surgeons when choosing the appropriate repair technique. We present a case report to describe a surgical technique using autograft tissue with common instrumentation, implants and techniques familiar to sports surgeons.

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Case Report Pages 62-67

Medial-Inguinal Approach: A Novelty in Hip Joint Replacement

Authors: Luca Lucente, Andrea Palmesi and Damiano Longo

Abstract: We have developed a surgical process that allows for safe, easy and fast replacement of the hip that spares the hip stabilizer muscles completely. Throughout the operation, the surgeon can view the acetabulum from the front, which is a view that is preferable to the one available with other known techniques. There is no need for special equipment or special operating tables, and surgeons do not face a steep learning curve when first introduced to the procedure.

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Case Report Pages 57-61

Esophageal Erosion Caused by Screw Displacement 22 Years after Anterior Cervical Spine Surgery

Authors: Nicolas Barut, MD, Nathalie Chereau, MD and Hugues Pascal-Moussellard, MD, PhD

Abstract: Esophageal injuries can occur many years after anterior cervical surgery. This case reports an esophageal perforation caused by screw migration 22 years after anterior cervical fusion for a C5-C6 tear-drop fracture. Dysphagia was the main presenting symptom. Early diagnosis and a joint spine and general surgery allowed a successful management after hardware removal, esophageal repair and sternocleidomastoid muscle flap.

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Research Article Pages 50-56

Negative Pressure Wound Therapy: An Asset When Treating Pediatric Osteoarticular Infection

Authors: Barbara Minkowitz, Jennifer R Ristic, Eileen Poletick, Robyn C Murphy and Elizabeth Baorto

Abstract: Pediatric osteoarticular infection can lead to serious sequelae and permanent disability. The purpose of this study was to describe use of Negative Pressure Wound Therapy (NPWT) as an advantageous treatment option for pediatric patients with osteoarticular infection. NPWT has not been used in pediatric articular infections and has only been published in animal models. Retrospective review of 18 patients (20 acute osteoarticular infections) with a mean age of 92.83 months (range: 4-187 months) and a mean follow-up of 31.61 months (range: 10-94 months).

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